Interests and Other Cool Things

Intellectually or Socially Edifying Links

First, here are some quasi-intellectual and/or cultural links that I think are sort of neat:

If you've ever wondered why the latest sunrise and earliest sunset don't fall on the shortest day of the year, look here for the best explanation I've ever seen.
Take a tour of The Electric Gallery (an on-line exotic art dealer).
Check out NAS, the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation program at NASA.
For awhile I was really into ray-tracing (and still think it's sort of nifty).
Take a look at NationMaster for a wealth of fascinating sociological and demographic data about countries around the world.


Eight years of frustration with the increasingly dogmatic, right-wing zealotry that seems to have swept the nation through the early Naughts has driven me to drink. Er... I mean... to politics. Here are some of the causes and campaigns with which I've been involved.

Finally a president who can speak more articulately than a parrot, think more coherently than an eggplant, and whose observations about the world don't seem to be in blatant contradiction to what I can trivially observe outside my window.
The San Mateo County Democratic Party, where I headed up the effort to register voters in San Carlos for the presidential election of November 2008.
EQCA, building a state of equality in California.
Now that we've rid California of that abombinable gay marriage, we can turn our attention to expunging those abominable shellfish as well. Praise Jesus!

Sports and Leisure

While I'm probably more akin to Posh Spice than to Sporty Spice, I am an avid skier, have been known to SCUBA dive or climb very large rocks now and then, and love to ride just about anything with two wheels.

SnoWeb, a guide to conditions around Lake Tahoe.
BARF is a great forum for riding in the San Francisco Bay Area, and BikePics has a huge archive of great motorcycle photos, including some of my own.
Information about mountain biking in the San Francisco Bay area.
A good guide to SCUBA diving.

Or if you're not into recreation that actually involves any expenditure of energy...

Mix up some exotic beverages after consulting this convenient guide to bartending.


Joel Stein has become one of my favorite columnists, for his irreverent wit and pithy obervations about politics and the right-wing nutjobs who seem to be running rampant these days.
For a bit of redneck humor, click here.
If you hate Barney as much as any other person possessing enough neurons to have a synapse, you may find relief here or here.
Have you been seeing stigmata in your bagels? Then perhaps you'll empathize with people who see nuns in pastries.
The Weekly World News warns that your head may blow up at any moment, so for God's sake, stop using your brain and get the facts before it's too late!

Weird Stuff

If the tasteful artwork in the Electric Gallery wasn't your cup of tea, take a look at the Vomitus Maximus Museum instead.
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Craig Duttweiler
December 2008